Baraganu Kennel is a family run central asia shepherd dog kennel, located in the country side of Buzau county, Romania.


Our work with dogs goes back years, with different breeds (bullterrier, pitbull, romanian shepherd dogs, etc), different temperaments, different standards, but always with the same goal: efficient guarding dogs

After a lot of research and personal experience we eventually decided to dedicate our efforts to this ultimate guard dog breed: CENTRAL ASIA SHEPHERD DOG ( Sredneasiatskaya Ovtcharka ).


Most of the dogs of this breed have great guarding instinct and are, at the same time, very affectionate with their owners and family. These two qualities were more than enough for us!


In our kennel we constantly strive to breed good guard dogs with lots of drive and stamina and this is the reason why all of our dogs are health tested and, most important, temperament tested, and all our breedings are carefully planned ahead considering multiple factors such as character and temperament, ancestry (blood line), bone structure and breed standard, in order to create a wonderfully balanced family companion and at the same time a great warrior guard dog.



  • CLIENT Bogdan Neamu
  • ANUL 2017
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